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Paul’s Story

Just over four years ago I came to the Pontesbury Project, leading to a better and more independent life.

I was in a wheelchair for many years, but with their step-by-step support, I slowly but surely got rid of it. I was so happy that I did. I had determination to live a better life.

I have three housemates I enjoy the company of, one of whom I knew when we were younger. It still took a while to settle in, but I was and still am happy here.

There have been some downs, but I always get myself back up with help from staff. We have various staff who all deeply care about us. I have had differences with them but always find a way to unite again. We can be socially interactive with them and they take us out for various activities like walking, football, swimming, and eating out. This has helped me be more independent and interact better with others.

We also do things in-house like games, TV, cooking meals, and house jobs. These are helpful to do and make you feel like you’re doing your bit.

It’s your home, so do what you feel comfortable with. They are here to guide you, not tell you what to do. I have laughs with housemates and staff, and even sometimes people that work in the office. It’s a safe place to be, with plenty of lovely views of the countryside.

Four years on, I’m progressing to where I thought I would never be.

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