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Since gaining charitable status in 1987, the Pontesbury Project has sought to provide a high quality of life for adults with severe learning disabilities. It now provides housing and support in three different sites across Shropshire.


Backed by Christian beliefs, the Project was built on five key values.These values are at the heart of the Project and influence every decision we make:






History of the Pontesbury Project

Over thirty years ago, husband and wife Ian and Beryl Bradley had a vision: they wanted to use renovated buildings on their land to provide a home and work for a group of young men with Down’s Syndrome. After a lot of hard work and fundraising – as well as various setbacks to overcome – they were able to bring their dream to fruition. Finally, the young men were able to come to Hill Farm.

Hill Farm soon grew into a thriving care home that supported a number of other people with learning difficulties. At this time, fundraising was still needed for the home to function.

A CEO was eventually appointed to put the Project on a firm financial footing. Under her leadership the Project flourished, expanding to several other properties in Shropshire. Focus shifted to helping service users live independently in private residences, rather than in group homes as before.

Nowadays, The Pontesbury Project is funded by contracts with Shropshire Council County. We own various properties around Minsterley and Pontesbury and employ in excess of seventy people, making us the biggest employer in the Rea Valley. We are blessed with a compassionate and dedicated workforce who go above and beyond to ensure the people we support have the best life possible.

What we offer


One-to-One Support

The Pontesbury Project offers high-quality round-the-clock care. Our approach is tailored to each individual’s needs and takes into account their personal preferences, ensuring they can live fully and independently.

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We work in partnership with the Pontesbury Housing Trust to provide suitable, adapted housing. Our properties are located in the scenic Shropshire countryside and are easily accessible by car.

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As most of the people we support require one-to-one care throughout their day, we have high levels of staffing. We often have roles available and offer our staff significant career opportunities.

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Impact Stories

“Our son has been living with the Pontesbury Project for nine happy years and loves it. He has severe learning disabilities, some mobility problems, and autism. He is now in his mid-40s.


His wonderful carers make sure he is always happy, healthy, and well turned out, while also encouraging him to be as independent as possible. Outings are arranged on a regular basis, including walks, visits to National Trust properties, short holidays, and weekly evening clubs.


We are so grateful to Dr Bradley for his vision in setting up the Pontesbury Project, to the volunteer management committee who oversee all aspects, and to the Chief Executive and office staff who manage the whole project. Finally, we want to thank the amazing carers on the front line, and all others maintaining and keeping everything as it should be.


We cannot thank you all enough for our peace of mind, and for allowing us to enjoy a life of our own while knowing our son is doing the same.”

John & Corinne

“We looked at several possible homes for our son before deciding the Pontesbury Project would be a good fit. Our son had been unwell for several years and his future home needed to accommodate that.


Staff adapted hugely to accommodate our son’s special needs. He was encouraged in every way and began to flourish, taking part in and enjoying many of the activities on offer.


After about 18 months, it was agreed that his antidepressants could be reduced. He also decided his wheelchair could go. Amazing.


All in all, it’s been a very positive experience. He’s had moments of not liking something or falling out with someone, but he is so much better at talking about things with other people. Staff always give him time to chat through difficulties.


We made the right decision.”