Our Approach to Care

The safety and well-being of the people we support is always our top priority.

We provide high-quality care while encouraging the people we support to live as independently as possible.

The type and intensity of support given depends on each individual’s unique requirements.

Care is provided round-the-clock. Support staff are able to stay in residences overnight if needed.

How do we provide support?

The Project provides high-quality specialist support to individuals with severe learning disabilities. This includes people who may display behaviours that challenge, or those with additional support needs such as mental illness, dementia, or autism.

We take a person-first approach to support, evaluating each individual’s needs and helping them live safely, comfortably, and independently.


As an organisation, we use the positive behaviour management strategies taught by PRICE (Protecting Rights in a Caring Environment) Training

When supporting people who are distressed, there are occasions when restrictive interventions are required to protect staff, the individual themselves, and others within the community. The strategies we use are focused around reducing the need for restraint. We aim to understand and meet the needs of an individual before difficulties arise. Whenever possible we use non-restrictive tertiary strategies, such as de-escalation, diversion, distraction, or strategic capitulation.

We have two qualified PRICE Trainers who work with our staff to find less restrictive ways of managing behaviours.

How do we implement PRICE?



All PRICE techniques are designed to promote dignity when performed. PRICE promotes the least intrusive intervention. There are risk assessments for each hold taking into account medical conditions, gender, and culture.


Before any physical intervention is carried out, we must ensure we have a “lawful reason” to physically intervene. We define our lawful reasons as:
      – Serious harm to self
      – Serious harm to others
      – Serious damage to property


Staff Training

All staff members must complete their PRICE training before they support any of our people. They also attend refresher courses to ensure they are competent to a high standard. This is completed annually, or more often if the member of staff requires additional support.



All incidents at the Pontesbury Project are thoroughly debriefed, reviewed, and used to aid in adapting our approach to promote positive outcomes for the people we support. Post-incident support is offered to both the people we support and the staff members involved.